Amsterdam is a place famous for a lot of things and the city is really what you make of it.  You can have quiet, peaceful holidays or you can go full-on and party with backpackers from around the globe. It was our first time in Amsterdam as well as the Netherlands in general.  We made our way through Schipol Airport, passing throngs of businessmen, one of whom I witnessed convert his carry-on into a scooter and proceed to zip through the airport. We made our way past arrivals and purchased train tickets to the city from the ticket machines.  The cost is around 10 euro for a return trip and the machines don’t take American Express. After dropping our bags off at our airport hotel, we made our way into the city on the train. Entering the City   Arriving into Amsterdam from Centraal Station is a fantastic way to…Continue Reading
There is no point to any of this.  That’s the main takeaway from Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons exhibition, titled “Now” at Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in south London. Hirst provokes strong reactions from many in the art community as a profiteer, turning art into a purely commercial function.  Is this the case?  I wouldn’t know, I’m not nearly rich enough to consider purchasing anything from either of these guys and this exhibit is free to get in to. Going into this exhibit I pretty much knew nothing of Jeff Koons except that he had a massive dog sculpture.  And Damien Hirst, I knew he had a tank with a shark preserved in it.  This fact makes me question the degree to which Hirst was influenced by Koons with his basketballs floating in mystery liquid that preserves a perfect buoyancy. These I can sort of get – described as in a…Continue Reading
Sometimes work has its benefits. Like getting to visit countries and cities en route to business meetings. I dread the day that telepresence technology makes obselete going places in person for business. But until that happens I plan on making the most out of work trips. We took an early Eurostar from St Pancras International in to the Gare du Nord to begin a long day of work. Working Remote in Paris The first thing to do when arriving in a new city to work is to find out where the best coffee shops and cafes are where you are permitted to sit for several hours at a time.  I found the perfect business for this.  Enter Anticafe. Anticafe is a place where you pay by the hour for unlimited coffee, pastries, snacks and wifi.  The cost is 5 euro per hour. When in Paris there is a location right next…Continue Reading
Autumn colors at sunrise - Utah 22
From the southern end of the state, throughout the middle, and all the way to the north, Utah never ceases to impress. Just an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City, you’ll find an area with a unique character, scenic beauty and a local flavor that is unmissable: the town of Logan, Utah. We’ve spoken a bit about the awe-inspiring beauty of the state of Utah before, however we can’t reiterate enough the importance of visiting some of the last places in the US that have been, to-date, left unspoiled by major commercial projects and industrialization. There’s just something special about getting out of cities polluted by noise, light and chemicals and taking in the unadulterated experience of nature. Logan and Cache Valley are worth visiting for those looking to break from day-to-day stress and experience the thrill of the outdoors. Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway Drive along…Continue Reading
Whether you live here or travel through here you will feel the pinch.  London is expensive.  But that doesn’t have to stop you from having a good time!  As we’ve discussed before there are plenty of ways to enjoy London on a budget.  But when it comes to getting a drink or two (or three) for cheap or free it is not always easy.   This is where we must put our skills to work as the frugal travel savvy mavens we are. Strategery Ok let’s talk tactics.  This guide revolves around taking advantage of basically one fact.  Dozens and probably hundreds of pubs across London offer you a free drink if you sign up to their email newsletter!  And now good times may be had by all. But wait!  Many Pubs are chains.  Fuller’s and Young’s are two of the most popular chains of pubs that offer this and you…Continue Reading
Ok, you’ve seen Chicago.  You saw the skyline, you walked down Michigan Avenue and you’ve likely gone up either the Hancock building or the Sears (never Willis) Tower to catch a glimpse of the tiny ant people marching around the city.  But if you’ve stayed within the loop, you’ve barely scratched the surface of one of the most interesting cities in America. Chicago: A city of neighborhoods Chicago, like most major cities, has a downtown which serves as a commercial hub, upon which the workers descend from 9-5pm Monday through Friday.  But beyond these working hours, most of the fun happens in the neighborhoods. And if you want to experience Chicago like a Chicagoan, then only a fraction of your time is spent downtown.  You need to visit the neighborhoods to really see what this city has to offer.  And when it comes to the best neighborhoods in Chicago, there are…Continue Reading
Waking up to an espresso martini is a great way to start a weekend.  Maybe not so much during the week but a Saturday is perfect and when you purchase VIP tickets you get these for free on entry into the lounge.  Also, if you plan on going next year, VIP may be worth it because not only do you get the two free alcoholic drinks but you skip the massive queue that forms outside.  I was shocked with how long it had gotten by 2PM. Somewhere along Brick Lane just as you approach the throngs of people lining the streets you find the Old Truman Brewery.  This is where the 2016 London Coffee Festival is taking place. The London Coffee Festival is aimed at both coffee consumers and those and the business.  As a consumer it’s sometimes a bit confusing understanding what is being pitched to me and what…Continue Reading
The Algarve region of Portugal is a popular vacation destination for tourists from all over. English is one of the more commonly heard languages in the area followed by Portuguese, French and German. This is representative of the other travelers you can expect to run into at any point. By no means is this an undiscovered region of Portugal but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the natural beauty, fantastic food and great hospitality this area has to offer! Whether you’re after a peaceful retreat, a crazy night or a cultural learning, the Algarve has you covered. 1. Be blown away in Lagos If epic natural beauty is something that sounds interesting to you, you must visit Lagos. I recommend hiring one of the numerous boat tours operating in the area to get the best views. Notable viewpoints include Ponta da Piedade, Dona Ana Beach or Camilo Beach. 2. Explore…Continue Reading
We flew into Faro Airport (FAO) from London Gatwick (LGW) with our hand luggage and carry-ons only.  The flight takes around 2hrs 30 min.  We tend to pack light for trips less than a month so we don’t have to waste time sitting in the baggage reclamation area. FAO is a tiny airport but by no means the smallest I’ve been in.  This meant that your immigration control and customs process can either be pain-free or hellacious depending on whether you’re visiting during the high or low season. We wheeled our packs around the airport and found we had to go to Car Park 4 to pick up the car we hired.  If you rent a villa or stay in a hotel that’s very far from Faro, your best option is to either arrange a taxi (around 35 euro each way) or rent a car (around 7 euro per day).…Continue Reading
Publishing sponsored posts is one of the best ways to make money blogging, especially for up-and-coming bloggers. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to receive these opportunities naturally through the contact form of your site but there’s an even easier method of publishing sponsored posts and getting paid for them, and that’s Cooperatize. Cooperatize Review Cooperatize is a company that connects bloggers with advertisers looking for influencers to help promote their product. The purpose of this review is to outline the user experience of Cooperatize from a publisher’s perspective. Cooperatize works by matching advertisers with bloggers that are relevant to their product. This means that you won’t be awkwardly asked to write about something irrelevant to the content of your site. The Cooperatize Process First, add your blog URL and social media profiles to the Cooperatize dashboard. Second, connect your Google Analytics information Third, Advertisers solicit proposals from bloggers through…Continue Reading
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Cedar Mountain Fall Colors
Your Outdoor Inspiration: Cedar City, Utah Sicily, Abu Dhabi, Cuba, San Sebastian and…Utah?  No, this isn’t a game of “Which of these is not like the other.”  At the end of 2015, the trusted Fodor’s travel guide listed all of these locations as some of the best places to visit in 2016 with Utah taking the prestigious number one spot! Now this is not without reason either.  When it comes to sheer natural beauty and expanse, few states can compete with the breathtakingly gorgeous scenery of Utah.  Named the number one destination by Fodor’s Travel, it’s an adventure traveler’s dream.  However, there are dozens of cities vying for your attention to explore.  As a continuation of our series of the best alternatives to your favorite travel destinations, we present a city that deserves deeper consideration: Cedar City, Utah. Cedar City is ideally located in the heart of southern Utah’s popular…Continue Reading