Spending Christmas in Brussels

What began as an awful day of missed buses, out-of-service trains, and expensive taxi rides, in what appeared to be the work of a mocking creator, we finally made it to Brussels! Arriving in the airport was fine, and getting to our hotel by Grand Place was a cinch, thanks to the train that took […]

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A Day Walking Around London

Today marks the beginning of a couple of weeks off of work and the beginning of our preparations for our trip in to Brussels!  But before we can do that, Ashley had a test shoot for her work, so what did I do?  Well, wandered around of course! I really enjoy the winter temperatures here […]

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Moving to the UK With a Dog

Moving to the UK with a dog was no easy feat.  But we managed to do it without leaving Diego in quarantine so yay! Requirements for Bringing Your Dog in to the UK So let’s get the biggest obstacle many people think of, out of the way.  You do not need to quarantine your pet […]

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Christmas in London

Well Thanksgiving came and went and it was the first time we’ve been away from our families for it.  However, it’s been great fun to see Black Friday become a thing here (much to the dismay of many a citizen here!).  And Christmas is on the horizon! London certainly has a lot to offer when […]

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