How to decode hotel room names

Whether you’re looking for Gatwick hotels with parking or downtown NYC hotels, if you’ve booked a hotel online, you’ve probably noticed a plethora of room type options to choose from. Typically, I would just go with the cheapest one and call it a day. But what exactly are the differences between the hotel room types […]

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London on a Budget

Since moving to London, one of the things I learned very quickly was that this city is expensive!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience London without breaking the bank. Arriving in London A taxi is pretty much out of the question if you’re on a budget. Assuming you come in via Heathrow, save money […]

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Which language should you learn next?

Maybe you’ve seen one of those Rosetta Stone commercials and thought, Hey, I want to learn a language too! Or maybe you’ve been thinking of going on a trip and thinking that it’d be great if you happily surprised the locals with some phrases and conversation in their native language.  Whatever your reasons, you have a long journey ahead of […]

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