A Madrileno Bullfight

It was the last day of the San Isidro festival in Madrid and I took a train from central Madrid out to Las Ventas. Las Ventas is in an eastern area of Madrid and home to the city’s premier bull ring. It’s the kind of place that has tapas bars dedicated to bullfighting and where […]

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Inside Banksy’s Dismaland

This post contains descriptions of Dismaland that are better left to your untarnished initial experience.  Leave if you don’t want the experience explained to you. (The exhibit is no longer showing and has been sent to serve as shelter for refugees in Calais). Getting there is easy enough.  From London, you can catch a train […]

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Top 5 Wanderlust Songs

Songs have the power to evoke emotion and move people.  One emotion evoked for any reader of this blog will be the one to get out and go.  I give you: the top 5 wanderlust playlist! Frank Turner – I Am Disappeared “And on the worst days when it feels like life weights 10,000 tonnes, I […]

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