Why Mindfulness Matters

Mindfullness is being present in the moment.  It’s perceiving yourself within the context of your environment.  A mindful person is aware of themselves as well as their surroundings and other people.  It’s an important concept to become familiar with because it extends beyond what you might think of as meditation into realms that can have […]

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Keeping busy between jobs

It can be difficult being without a job.  I should know as I’ve been actively looking for the next opportunity for a while now.  I’m thankful, however, that I can choose to be particular about my next position and only look into opportunities with companies I’m truely interested in and jobs that I would genuinely […]

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Travel Planning for Seoul

Here in Chicago it seems like the weather cannot make up its mind between mild spring weather and frigid death cold.  It’s been bipolarly bouncing back and forth for the past couple weeks making planning what I’m going to wear the next couple of days quite difficult. Luckily though I think we’re approaching the beginning […]

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