Who are you and what is this?

A random guy that enjoys occasionally writing about travel, leisure, and life in general.  There's nothing groundbreaking here, just a catalog of thoughts, photos and ideas. If you like what you see, awesome!

More specifically, my name is Jeremy Nelson.  I grew up in Iowa and have spent most of my post-collegiate life in Chicago with a couple of years in London.

By trade I'm a digital media analytics professional which is a fancy way of saying I find the best ways to get people to purchase things on the Internet.  But don't worry there is nothing for sale here.


The world pushes forward and the best any of us can do is accommodate and try to shape our small portion of it as it comes.  That pretty much sums up my general outlook.  Combine that personality with interests in travel and day-to-day observationis and you have an idea of what it's like throughout my site.

If this sounds interesting then I encourage you to stick around and hopefully you can take something away from all of this.  If you end up liking a few posts then subscribe, comment and return often.