Colorful San Juan

Colorful San Juan

La Perla Puerto Rico

In advance of my upcoming trip to Cinque Terre, I thought it’d be relevant to post some photos of another colorful city. San Juan.



A city on the coast in a country surrounded by water.



With remnants of history easily within reach.


Puerto Rico has a strong sense of national identity.



Strongly recommended.  We stayed at the Caribe Hilton and rented bicycles to ride up and down the coast as our main mode of transportation.  We ventured into La Perla (featured image) without knowing it was one of the more dangerous parts of the island.  Wikipedia states that “the streets of La Perla are not indicated on most city maps in order to deter tourists from walking into the high crime area”.  I suppose we were lucky nobody seemed to care.  Photos all taken during our stay in 2013.