Settling in to Chicago

So it’s been a relatively busy few weeks.  We recently made the move from London to Chicago and by  now we’ve adjusted to the time fine and are looking forward to setting up a new base.

It’s been quite an adjustment for now. London has been a fantastic ride and one that we both often times miss. From the nights out around Box Park to coffees in Hackney at Palm Valuts and everything in between, the past two and a half years have brought some fantastic experiences.

Downtown is looking very familiar.

On the 95th floor of the John Hancock building is the Signature Room where you can get great views of the city for just buying a drink. A good reintroduction to Chicago.

While we’re acclimatizing to the US and all of the insanity that the recent elections have brought, we’re also looking forward to the next big things, trips and events in the future.

Mood: Optimistic

Looking Forward to: Seoul, South Korea

Eating: Laphet Thoke

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